Who is Lux?

Jan. 2nd, 2020 06:00 pm
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Who am I?

Certainly not an artist. The fates have given me a tremendous amount of talent, but none of it artistic in nature. I cannot draw, or write fiction although I adore and appreciate both. My creative outlet for my fandom is crafting video. It is more curation than creation.  I've been blessed to have 

Why Lux Loves Slash

Originally written for [livejournal.com profile] nochick_fics post on "Why Do We Slash?" 

I've read quite a few sociological articles on this subject, which propose that yaoi is attractive to women because two men in a relationship will have gender equality that is lacking in het relationships... blah blah blah

As it relates to my own fascination with men in love with other men, I don't believe a word of it*-- YMMV 

I stumbled upon yaoi a few years back and it really helped me escape from a very stressful time in my life. I never had any confusion of shame with it that many experience. Maybe it is because I rationalized it with science, maybe it is because one of the first times in my life I was sexually aroused.** 

Why do I slash? Well, I think that for me it comes down to these reasons, in no specific order:

+ It's beautiful***
I primarily work in film, so this point may not be as applicable for writers. The male form is classically pleasing. Cheaper than a trip to Florence, and there precisely zero loud-speaking chain smokers cued up in my living room.

+ It's an escape from my own daily life. 
Some people like period fiction, some prefer vampires, some people like fiction set in exotic lands. I like fiction with alchemy & boys who want to kiss each other. To each their own. 

+ The feelings and motivations make more sense to me.
I live in a world that is primarily male. The majority of my friends (gay and straight) are men. Since birth, I have always been more comfortable around men, and my interests (Math, Physics) have always been ones that are traditionally considered to be more popular with men. Ironic thing is, Yaoi is one of the few female-centric hobbies I have. 

+ It examines relationship aspects and conflicts that are not currently over-explored.
Similarly, at the time of publication, DH Lawrence's books were racy, but also explored the emotional anguish**** following the great war. I think this also is why some het paired fiction succeeds or fails with me. 

+ I think it's hot. 

* Of course, I've had the benefit growing up and living in a sheltered world where things like gender, sexual preference, and race don't determine how you treat one another. If I step out of this bubble, I'm sure things are quite different.

** This is probably bordering on TMI in someone else's journal, even yours. If you are morbidly interested in my screwed up libido, read this: http://luxquintessence.livejournal.com/9235.html

*** Technically, I think all couples in love are beautiful. However, healthy, lightly muscular male nudes are biologically hard-wired in my brain for aesthetically adoration. 

**** Soldiers that would have succumbed to wounds in the past, were "saved" (but maimed) and then had to figure out how to re-establish a relationship with their spouse.

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Happy Birthday!

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Thank you so much!!

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http://www.resolve.org/ could maybe be a resource for support - Dear Prudence recommended it & I thought of you


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