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For those of you that have been playing the home version of "LuxFail the game" you may remember my post where I accidentally ordered lab supplies that I will never ever need.

Well my friends, I have turned this into a LuxWin! I am trading the 50L of Polydimethylsiloxane to a microfluidics lab three floors up from me in exchange for a used plotter

I have access to several types of large format printers, but I don't have one exclusively at my disposal. I've got this complex hang-up about misusing resources for my own recreational use, so I'm planning on personally buying a roll of paper for fun projects. 

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#3 I should not be allowed to make end-of-year laboratory supply orders.

I'm always distracted and in a rush to finish many other things.  I'll likely make mistake like reversing inventory numbers.  Yet again, I made a mistake. Today, some of the packages arrived. 

Now what the heck am I supposed to do with an entire case of lab-grade silicone (Polydimethylsiloxane) lubricant??!?!!?

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#2 I shouldn't be allowed to talk to the parents of my students. Ever.

 LuxQ: Hi Mrs. LMN. I received a message that you wanted to speak to me about LMN's final grade in my class. I'm afraid that LMN is 20 years old and doesn't need his mother to call about grades

LMN's Mom: .... but you can't do this to him. How will he get into grad school!?!?

LuxQ:  I'm afraid that LMN did this to himself. He was, um... distracted, during the few lectures he attended and failed all three exams. 

LMN's Mom: Why didn't you seek him out for extra help? How is he supposed to have a future career? 

LuxQ: LMN never turned his assignments in-- how was I to know he didn't understand the material? ...and quite frankly, he's a big boy and can ask for help on his own.  However,  from what I can determine during class LMN has a very promising career in playing Angry Birds!

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#1 I shouldn't be aloud to talk to anyone while on RX cough syrup.

I start saying things that seem absolutely hilarious to me, but make no sense to anyone else. Case-in-point from this morning, a conversation with my spouse.

Mr. Q
: Anything you want to do tonight?

LuxQ: So tonight I think Im going to watch a bunch of Hetalia episodes

Mr. Q: Is it any good?

LuxQ: Oh yes. Germany is our dog's favorite character. I personally like Denmark, he's so witty!

Mr. Q: Sounds like a great way to spend a cold rainy night. 

 [Lux's note: I've never seen Hetalia and have no idea if there is a character called Denmark and if so, what his sense of humor is like.  Our dog has never reacted to any anime whatsoever, including dog noises]


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